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In January 2008 Ben posted a message to the list stating that the
Macquarie Dictionary was holding its annual Word of the Year voting
(for 2007) and "Great Firewall of China" was a candidate in the
Politics category. A later message said that it won the popular vote
in its category.

The Committee's choice of Word of the Year 2007 was: pod slurping:
noun the downloading of large quantities of data to an MP3 player or
memory stick from a computer.




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> At 1/23/2014 03:33 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>>Wikipedia says this censorship tool began development in 1998 and
>>went into operation in 2003, which is after the 2001 citations. The
>>article, though, lists a citation in "Wired" in 1997, so it seems
>>there must have been a separate firewall project that is also
>>referred to as the Great Firewall.
> The 1998 development must be the Beta release of the Great Great
> Firewall, which succeeded so notably this week.  I see a 2002 article
> at the NYTimes which says "Some Chinese Internet users are reporting
> more sophisticated and fine-tuned filtering of their browsing,
> searching and e-mailing recently, suggesting a newly refined and
> focused approach in the government's efforts to control Web content
> coming into and out of
> China."  http://www.nytimes.com/2002/10/01/news/01iht-chinet_ed3_.html
>>The Wiki article says this censorship is managed at six Internet gateways.
> I thought I read from one of this week's articles that it was three,
> but I can't find that now.
> Joel
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