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Here's one reply from a friend in CO:

Well, since I work at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, I tossed
the question out to my co-workers.  Here's the first answer:
The term "roof avalanche" has been in use for a long time.
Roof avalanches have killed people. There was a case at a hut down near
Crested Butte in the last 10-15 years where someone was shoveling the
deck and got buried.

And another one from the same informant:

Answer 2:

Our cryosphere glossary includes a listing for "slope failure," which is mass movement of earth material down a slope; includes landslides, mudslides, debris flows, avalanches, etc; speed of movement can be sudden and catastrophic or slow.

(I'll spare you the smarta$$ reply from my friend in New Brunswick.)

Many folks have said that they like the Norwegian term, so we might see it being adopted now.

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