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Fri Jan 31 16:37:49 UTC 2014

Stephen Goranson wrote
> Another attribution (in 1925) to Bierce from someone who (apparently,
> relying on this old note) knew Bierce:

Thank you very much Stephen. I apologize for not seeing your note in
the ADS list archive. "The Work of Stephen Crane" was edited by Wilson
Follett. I probably can access a twelve volume edition published in
1963 this weekend. Interestingly, Follett wrote the profile of Ambrose
Bierce in "The Bookman" in November 1928 (citation given in QI
article), and he mentioned the "celebrated newspaper review" by
Bierce. So Follett may have heard about the review while editing "The
Work of Stephen Crane".

Based on your message in the archive you were able to directly access
the 1925 limited edition. I would love to get scans of the
introduction by Robert H. Davis in 1925 that included the quotation,
if possible.

The short passage in "Bitter Bierce" in 1929 is reprinted from the
introduction to "The Work of Stephen Crane" Volume 2 in 1925 is that

The version of the quip that Irvin S. Cobb ascribed to Bierce in 1923
was phrased differently.


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