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> Bill Mullins wrote:
> > Proquest's Udini service appears to be an attempt to reach
> individuals
> > not = associated with institutions that subscribe to the major
> > Proquest databases=
> > :
> > http://udini.proquest.com/
> > Does anyone here know if they provide access to the various
> Historical
> > News= papers?  I can get to some of them through institutional
> > affiliations=2C bu= t not all of them.
> I do not know if Udini includes the Historical Newspapers in its joint
> search interface. But I did recently come across a list of ProQuest
> Newspaper databases with links. The search is not combined, but there
> are links to several of the Historical Papers. Payment is per article,
> I think; hence, it is very expensive.
> http://www.pqarchiver.com/titles.html
> Some Historical Papers are not listed, e.g., The Scotsman, The Irish
> Times, The Times of India, Papers in Black Newspapers grouping.

A bunch of the historical newspapers aren't listed.  I recently had
cause to want to look at back files of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (The
IBM/SAM are holding a joint convention in St. Louis this summer, and I
was helping research an article on the history of magic and conjuring in
St. Louis.  The first known performance of western-style theatrical
magic west of the Mississippi was done in St. Louis by John
Leitensdorfer in 1814, FWIW. . . . ), and am not affiliated with any
institution which subscribes.  A link to a pay-by-the-article source
would have been quite useful.

Other missing ones:

Phoenix AZ Republic (1890 - 1922)
Boston Jewish Advocate (1905 - pres)
Cincinnati Enquirer (1841 - 1922)

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