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Dear Mr. Brewer,

Being a human, as opposed to some "cyberbot," I spent a lot of time to
provide you with enough materials – through the ADS-List AND directly:
links, files, Ukrainian IPA tables, and even the link to the website, which
has the AUDIO/pronunciation and the short course of Ukrainian language sent
directly to you just YESTERDAY.

I did everything I could to satisfy your “tangential” interest in
Ukrainian. Now you have plenty of information for your further linguistic
investigation of Ukrainian. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: “Knowing is
not enough. We must apply.”

Good luck with your CNN research!


L (Sorry, I don't trust Gmail with anything personal.)
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> Progress report on <<Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko>>. CNN reporters are
> still
> saying [PEH-troh] vs. Ukrainian [pih-TRO]. (IPA gets trashed here, of
> course.). Getting IPA information on Ukrainian has proven a real challenge.
> Below, I romanize Cyrillic spellings to accommodate the Western reader.
> Ukrainian website transcriptions are really awkward.
> S'S (disyllabic idionyms, stress on ultima):
>  Pe'tro, Pa'vlo, Dmi'tro, Lev'ko, Slav'ko, Hrits'ko, Yur'ko
> S'SS (trisyllabic idionyms, stress on penult):
> Da'nilo, Ki'rilo, Mi'khailo
> Ukrainian masculine names ending in <-o> are declined in the second
> declension.
> E.g. Da'nilo (nominative), Da'nila (probably genitive), Da'nilu
> (probably dative),
> Da'nilom (instrumental??).
>   Saw today a CNN report on a Ukrainian cyberbot, that fooled interrogators
> into thinking it was a 13-year-old human, by its consistent use of
> indirection & deflection; very reminiscent of the responses I get from
> <L imwitty>.
> Hmm... Witty R Us.
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