Clone: Fake v Replica

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Here is a person asserting a trademark for "clone" in the fragrance
domain. Since it is advertising text it is not clear what, if
anything, lies behind the trademark claim.

[Begin excerpt]
CLONE TM  Fragrances by Ego Shoppe are the highest quality
duplications of your favorite designer fragrance that money can buy.
Unlike cheap imitations, CLONE TM Fragrance Oils are 100% pure
fragrance oils engineered to smell exactly like your favorite name
brand designer fragrance, and you won't have to put it on every 3
hours.  A little dab will do ya.  One drop lasts all day.
[End excerpt]

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> Checking the archives, I found no discussion of the word "clone".
> I have come across two different uses recently.
> In the news today, there are reports of drug smugglers using "clone
> vehicles" to bring drugs across the border from Mexico and to transport
> them within the US. The vehicles have high quality markings of government
> agencies and corporations, involving anything from pick-ups to school buses
> to tanker trucks to delivery vans for Fedex and UPS.
> Last week, I bought clone golf clubs. They are not fakes. They are replica
> clubs, made to be similar to brand-name clubs, but with their own markings.
> They are advertised as clones. (You can Google 'clone golf clubs for
> examples.)
> I wasn't aware that clones had become so commercially legitimate.
> DanG
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