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Wed Aug 12 15:24:16 UTC 2015

Hi - I was wondering if anyone can find an older citation for "Hippie Christmas" than this June 23, 1999 Salon post.  The term has gained currency in the last ten years, especially in Madison, Wisconsin, and is now used semi-frequently.  (When I lived there we called it "moving day.")


"My friends and I were on campus a few weeks after graduation to scrounge furniture for our apartment. This was the final rite of what my roommate Brooke calls "Hippie Christmas": that time of year when college students at Hampshire and the other colleges in the area go home, abandoning boxes upon dumpsters of stuff - jeans, shoes, dog-eared books, ratty toys, lamps, binders, futons, underwear, rugs, cosmetics and the occasional stereo speaker or computer. Some of this junk makes it into college-provided charity bins. But students leave an equivalent amount behind in their rooms, despite cleaning fees. The sheer volume of it all is astounding."

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