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Archives of student newspapers might be the best databases to search
for early citations. I do not know if Hampshire College or Univ.
Wisconsin, Madison have digitized their student newspapers.

Below are some citations that were published after the article you
have already located. The term "Penn Christmas" suggests that the
designation for the event/phenomenon may vary from campus to campus.
The phrase "like Christmas in April" suggests another moniker although
"Christmas in April" has been used with other senses.

Date: August 12, 2004
Newspaper: Wisconsin State Journal
Newspaper Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Author/Byline: George Hesselberg
Database: NewsBank Access World News

[Begin excerpt]
There are soft-hearted green thumbs with high hopes to be found, even
during the hectic "Hippie Christmas" in Madison.

That's what veteran observers, daring Dumpster-divers and stealthy
curb-cruisers call the holiday week just beginning here. Apartment
leases expire Sunday, and Andrea Nelson's Downtown porch has already
attracted an especially verdant crowd.
[End excerpt]

Date: May 19, 2008
Newspaper: Metro - Philadelphia
Newspaper Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Article: 'Penn Christmas' has residents out for goods
Author/Byline: Matt Purchla (Metro Philadelphia)
Database: NewsBank Access World News

[Begin excerpt]
After partaking in the annual tradition known as "Penn Christmas,"
Colin left his voyage through dumpsters around the school and returned
home with a gallon of barbecue sauce, a jar of peanut butter, and a
brand new scratching post for his cat.

"Who would throw this out? It's not even opened," said the South
Philadelphia man who only gave his first name. "What a bunch of
[End excerpt]

Date: Unknown
Website: Univ. Michigan Alumni alumni.umich.edu
Article: Student Move-Out

[Begin excerpt]
Of course, one student's trash is another student's treasure. For
some, those with room still left in the family van, move out can be
like Christmas in April. Larger items collect in designated "take it
or leave it" areas and are free for the taking. According to the
housing office website, it could be a good place to get a carpet, a
lamp, a drawer.
[End excerpt]


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> Hi - I was wondering if anyone can find an older citation for "Hippie Chris=
> tmas" than this June 23, 1999 Salon post.  The term has gained currency in =
> the last ten years, especially in Madison, Wisconsin, and is now used semi-=
> frequently.  (When I lived there we called it "moving day.")
> http://www.salon.com/1999/06/23/garbage/
> "My friends and I were on campus a few weeks after graduation to scrounge f=
> urniture for our apartment. This was the final rite of what my roommate Bro=
> oke calls "Hippie Christmas": that time of year when college students at Ha=
> mpshire and the other colleges in the area go home, abandoning boxes upon d=
> umpsters of stuff - jeans, shoes, dog-eared books, ratty toys, lamps, binde=
> rs, futons, underwear, rugs, cosmetics and the occasional stereo speaker or=
>  computer. Some of this junk makes it into college-provided charity bins. B=
> ut students leave an equivalent amount behind in their rooms, despite clean=
> ing fees. The sheer volume of it all is astounding."
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