[Ads-l] Motto: Nits will be lice. (Request EEBO verification in 1683)

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Excellent; thanks JL. Perhaps this citation will someday be pertinent
to your efforts studying the literature of war. The saying was
included in an epistolary novel circa 1720.

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> The whole paragraph, from  John Nalson, LL: D., _An impartial collection of
> the great affairs of state. From the beginning of the Scotch rebellion in
> the year MDCXXXIX...._  Vol. II. Published by His Majesty's special command.
> P. [vii]:
> There is not any one particular which hath been Exaggerated with more
> vehemence then the Cruelty of the Rebels, by Sir *John Temple,* Dr.
> *Borlase,* and others; and doubtless their Cruelty was strange and
> barbarous; but then on the other side there is not the least mention of any
> Cruelty exercised upon the *Irish,* or of the hard measure they received
> from some of the Board in *Ireland,* who were of the Parliamentarian
> Faction, and *Scottish *Religion, which rendred them desperate, and made
> the Rebellion Universal; they take no notice of the Severities of the
> Provost Martials, nor of the Barbarism of the Soldiers to the *Irish,* which
> was such, that I have heard a Relation of my own, who was a Captain in that
> Service, Relate, that no manner of Compassion or Discrimination was shewed
> either to Age or Sex, but that the little Children were promiscuously
> Sufferers with the Guilty, and that if any who had some grains of
> Compassion reprehended the Soldiers for this unchristian Inhumanity, they
> would scoffingly reply, *Why? Nits will be Lice,* and so would dispatch
> them: And certainly as to acknowledge an undeniable Truth, does in no
> manner Excuse the barbarous Cruelty of the Rebels; so to deny or smother
> Matters of Fact, so easily to be proved, even by many Protestants still
> alive, has given the Papists the advantage to bring into Question,
> especially in Foreign Courts and Countries, the truth of all those inhumane
> Cruelties which are charged upon them by such Writers as are found Guilty
> of such manifest Partiality.

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