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Great article, Ben. Interesting linguistics research from The Daily Mail !?

Here are two citations for verb forms of schlong.

In 1972 the Village Voice printed a hallucinatory disquisition related
to the Pieta which contained the phrase "schlonged to death by a Roman

In 2008 an Australian newspaper used the phrase "get our schlingers
schlonging" with an obvious sexual interpretation.

Bonus: In 1954 a television critic presented a very different
definition for the noun schlong.

Date: June 22, 1972
Newspaper: The Village Voice
Article: 'I don't know, man, first Wallace & then the Pieta'
Article Subtitle: Wimpy time at the Waste Elimination Center
Article Continuation: Wallace & the Pieta
Author: Craig Karpel
Start Page 6, Quote Page 66
Database: Google News Archive

[Begin excerpt]
. . . incorporating me as the perpetually sacrificed male energy and
Alison as the perpetually sacrificing female energy, or me as the
future Deliverer and Alison as that woman-child (Michelangelo's
Madonna is young) whereof the future Deliverer was Delivered or will
be, or just me schlonged to death by a Roman cab-driver and Alison
sitting with me draped over her lap in the pronto succurso room,
stands in a chapel off the nave of St. Peter's a stone's throw
(whoops) from the huge baroque baldaquino of Bernini . . .
[End excerpt]

Date: May 29, 2008
Newspaper: The Age,
Newspaper Location: Melbourne, Australia
Section: Metro, Column: Life & Times
Article: When her beauty is too beguiling, look lower
Author/Byline: Danny Katz

[Begin excerpt]

But how do we conquer their powerful hold over us? Excellent question
Eugene. It's not going to be easy, because there's very little about
women that doesn't get our schlingers schlonging: we're entranced by
their supple skin, their lash-tastic lashes, their alluring scents - a
heady cocktail of chemical pheromones and Sunsilk anti-flat
volumnising conditioner
[End excerpt]

[ref] 1954 August 20, St. Petersburg Times, Radio and Television:
Television's 'Schlongs', Their Antics Described by John Crosby, Quote
Page 34, Column 1, St. Petersburg, Florida. (Google News

[Begin excerpt]
You know what a schlong is? If you have followed the careers of Ralph
Edwards or "Beat the Clock" or any other shows of that ilk, you have
seen a lot of schlongs. A schlong, to end this suspense, is a rather
messy stunt. A contestant gets a pie in the face. The audience howls.
That is a schlong.
[End excerpt]


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> Ellen Turkish was talking about her entire Student Government slate,
> which was led by a male student (Larry Yermack). And in the other
> examples I mention in Politico, we have Dick Morris talking about
> George W. Bush in the midterm elections of '06 and Neal Conan talking
> about the Mondale/Ferraro ticket of '84. So this isn't just a matter
> of female candidates, despite Trump's icky usage.
> On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 10:56 PM, David Daniel wrote:
>> If "getting schlonged" only applies to female candidates (or defeated
>> females in general), as Trump's usage and the Ellen Turkish example below
>> seem to imply, then we may have another issue here beyond simple vulgarity.
>> Ben Zimmer wrote:
>>> On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 1:18 PM, Joel Berson wrote:
>>>> It is alleged that Trump yesterday said Hilary Clinton got "schlonged"
>>>> in her 2008 presidential campaign against Barack Obama.
>>>> Apparently he also has called Clinton a "schmuck".=3DC2=3DA0 Obscenities
>>>> are apparently OK if they're voiced in the obscure, dying language of
>>>> a detested and decimated minority.
>>> Here's my take on schlong-gate:
>>> http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/12/donald-trump-schlong-perils-of-vulgarity-213459
>>> As I note there, "schlong" =3D 'defeat soundly' is attested back to 1967 in
>>> in NYC usage.
>>> 1967 _The Campus_ (City College of New York) 17 May 3/3 Yermack and his
>>> followers decided not to wait for the official results; they knew there
>>> would be no startling changes in the trend. As Ellen Turkish, running for
>>> Council '68, put it: "We got schlonged."
>>> http://digital-archives.ccny.cuny.edu/thecampus/1967/MAY_120_19/00000039.PDF
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