[Ads-l] "on-court gags =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=94_?=or reams, as the players called them "

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Among other things, to "ream" has long meant to "victimize" in nasty or
painful ways.  Also to "upbraid" furiously.

The Globetrotters' noun, however, is new to me.


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> From the obituary of Meadowlark Lemon in today's NYTimes:
> Within a few years, he had assumed the central role of showman, taking over
> from the Trotters=E2=80=99 long-reigning clown prince Reece Tatum, whom
> eve=
> ryone
> called Goose.
> Tatum, who had left the team around the time Lemon joined it, was a superb
> ballplayer whose on-court gags =E2=80=94 or reams, as the players called
> th=
> em =E2=80=94 had
> established the team=E2=80=99s reputation for laugh-inducing wizardry at a
> championship level.
> (This is referring to the Harlem Globetrotters basketball act.)
> I've tried for years through prayer and fasting to ascend to that glorious
> region where there are complete sets of HDAS, but I remain earthbound.  So
> I may never know whether HDAS has this term.
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