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It's generally agreed on tge craft beer scene that "growler" is reserved
for the 64 oz./ 1/2 gal / 2 liter glass or metal container and, in some
states, like Florida, that allow it, 1 gal glass jugs. It has to be
resealable, for beer purposes, thus is usually a pop-top (a.k.a. flip-top
or swing-top) or screw-cap.

It is also generally agreed that there's no unique agreed-upon name for the
small containers. Growlette is mildly popular but is often met with
derision as "effeminate". "Half-growler" and "small growler" are more
popular. The standard avoidance convention suggest just listing "growler"
and specifying the capacity. I believe, I've posted links to Beer Advocate
threads on the subject in not-too-distant past.


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> Haggen's in Bellingham has kombucha growlers (64 oz) and growlettes (32
> oz) f=
> or sale. Buy the growler/growlette or bring your own and fill up.=20
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