[Ads-l] "Pomoland" -- does it exist, on earth or in the OED?

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 Subject: "Pomoland" -- does it exist?
A contributor to an email list writes:

"[Subject] postneoliberal  [text] Oh, dear, I think I’ve wandered into Pomoland!"

Must be the country of the blind ... oops, the postmodernists.  Presumably from "pomo" = "postmodermism".  NOt in OED.

There are a few hits for "Pomoland" in GBooks, but they leave me at a loss for their meaning or meanings.  (The 1874 and several others seem simply to be the name given by a fruit-grower to his orchard; I guess derived from "pome".)  Do some of these have a relationship to "Pomo" n.1 sense 2. A family of seven mutually unintelligible languages spoken in California? 


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