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Not on Wiktionary or the Oxford Dictionary site, the earliest book 
citation I see for "woro-woro" in GB is 1997. Dates by Google.

Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abidjan) has this word, but I 
have no interest in trying to find when it was added. I would imagine 
the blogosphere or some other part of the WWW has an earlier citation 
than 1997.

1. 1997
The Urban Challenge in Africa: Growth and Management of Its Large Cities
By Carole Rakodi

However, the changes in public service fares owing to structural 
adjustment measures and the financial problems of the SOTRA led in the 
1980s to a retreat of the centralized network in favour of private 
minibuses and illicit taxis (woro- woro), .

2. 1999
West Africa: A Travel Survival Kit
Lonely Planet Publications
By David Else

Shared taxis, called _woro woro_, cost between CFA125 and CFA200, 
depending on the length of journey.

3. 1999
West Africa (the same as 2?)
Lonely Planet

a minibus or pick-up woro-woro - minibus

4. 2000
Household Strategies for Survival 1600-2000: Fission, Faction and 
  By Laurence Fontaine, J├╝rgen Schlumbohm

... a worker laid off from an industrial company uses his compensation 
benefits to buy a used car and becomes the driver of a _woro-woro_ (a 
small, cheap city taxi).

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