[Ads-l] Can a Facebook post land you in jail? Maybe . . .

Baron, Dennis E debaron at ILLINOIS.EDU
Sat Jun 13 04:50:58 UTC 2015

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Can a Facebook post land you in jail?

The United States Supreme Court answered this question last week with a resounding “maybe.”

That “maybe” comes in the case of Elonis v. United States<http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/14pdf/13-983_7l48.pdf>. Anthony Elonis wrote some violent-sounding posts on Facebook detailing what he’d like to do to his ex-wife, an FBI agent, assorted police officers, and a local kindergarten. The words seemed threatening, and so Elonis was arrested and convicted for sending threats across state lines in violation of the Interstate Communications Act.

For the full post, click here: https://illinois.edu/blog/view/25/185808

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