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Iftar: The breaking of the fast, after sunset, during Ramadan; the meal
eaten at this time.

OED: 1858


1832, Qanoon-e-Islam: Or, The Customs of the Moosulmans of India;
Comprising a Full and Exact Account of Their Various Rites and Ceremonies,
from the Moment of Birth Till the Hour of Death, by Jaʻfar Sharīf

Page 255:

In the evening, before the Mugrib (page 55) prayer season they breakfast;
this meal is termed Iftar.



1836, March 19th, The Saturday Magazine, Volume 8, No 238, "Manners and
Customs of the Turks"

Page 107:

In private houses, an entertainment, called Iftar, follows close upon the
proclamation of sunset; and another repast takes place the next morning,
about half an hour before sunrise, which is named Imsak, because it forms a
preparation for the renewal of the fast.




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