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I don't think there's commuter rail from Boston to the Deerfield River:

"Olympic canoe slalom will be held on the Deerfield River in western 
Massachusetts, should Boston become the host city for the 2024 Summer 
Games, though an exact location on the river has yet to be determined, 
according to the local Olympic bid committee, Boston 2024."

Source:  "Deerfield River would be setting for Olympic canoe slalom."  By Mark Arsenault, Boston Globe, June 23, 2015.

Portage over the Shelburne Falls?

However, the town of Shelburne Falls (population 1,730) is attractive.  And Boston 2024 and the Olympics can demonstrate their inclusiveness: there's much Native American history associated with the area.  Perhaps Boston 2024 has in mind the Indian trails.  An easy 100-mile lope from Boston for an Algonquian.


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"Walkable" = "within walking distance of a rail stop."  That is, commuter rail to Quincy, Billerica, or New Bedford, then walk to a "venue."

Definition by the 2024 Olympics Boston bid committee.
But now, as Boston 2024 gradually unveils venue plan 2.0, bid leaders are redefining what they meant by “walkable.”

The bid committee now expects spectators will walk from commuter rail 
stations and subway stations to venues, not just venue to venue.

“As we talk about walkable, we’re really talking about walkable and transit-oriented,” said bid architect David Manfredi. “You’ve got to be able to get to venues, as many as possible, through public transportation.”

"Boston 2024 stretches its definition of walkable Olympics"
By Shira SpringerBoston Globe, June 19, 2015http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/06/19/boston-stretches-its-definition-walkable-olympics/WNQk8yEsARnzwxwsBPj3bJ/story.html 


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