[Ads-l] Why is National Grammar Day different from all other days?

Baron, Dennis E debaron at ILLINOIS.EDU
Tue Mar 3 00:26:49 UTC 2015

Why is ‪#‎NationalGrammarDay‬<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/nationalgrammarday?source=feed_text&story_id=10104758676426110> different from all other days?

Today (March 4) is National Grammar Day, otherwise known as the Feast of Purism. It is the holiest day of the Purist calendar.

It is the day all foolish children ask, why is National Grammar Day different from all other days?

On all other days you tell the foolish child, “It is different because I said so.” But on National Grammar Day, you must make everyone listen to yet another endless retelling of the story of our liberation from the tyranny of prescriptive grammar. . . .

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