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OED has 1918 for "dingbat" = hobo

_The Typographical Journal_ Oct 1903 p 375
"I'm the box car artist who scorns what brakeys say;
I'm the dude of the dingbat on the great panhandle line"
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For the ornamental piece of type, it has 1921.

_The Inland Printer_ Nov 1914 p 193
"The ornament cases were full of little flowers and dingbats and logotype "and's," "the's," and "of's," and bits of artistically mutilated brass rule, remnants of a by-gone day, "when the typographic art was in its glory," as Bumpus frequently remarked to his friends."
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_Postage_ Jan 1918 p. 6
"The result is a new publication with generous-sized pages, giving plenty of room for display advertising, big, jolly dingbats by that delightfully humorous artist John Bliss, and just enough Thomas Drier copy mixed in to take the commercial curse off the thing and make it interesting reading even for those who think they are not interested in office equipment."
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_The Washington Newspaper_ Vol 4 1918  p. 85
"They would rather listen to the editor of a daily tell them how to write a pyramidal head or a hanging head, or how to make some other symmetrical dingbats that nobody cares a whoop for except some other printer."
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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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