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1881 The ClevelandHerald, Aug. 23, pg. 2.  NineteenthCentury U.S.Newspapers.
“What, in your opinion, is to be the immediate future of therailroad industries of the country, especially in view of the large increase inthe number of roads?”----------1885 The Atchison (Kansas) Daily Globe Nov.16, pg. unspecified.  Nineteenth Century U.S.Newspapers.
He played an important, though obscure, part in theintroduction and advance of the present mammoth railroad industries of thecountry.----------I suppose the speakers are referring to the number of different companies ("roads").  But is that much different from "the movies industry"?
On the other hand, NineteenthCentury U.S.Newspapers contains no quotations for "steamboat industries".


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Below is a plural example in 1910: "the automobiles industry", but
this phrase occurred infrequently, I think.

Year: 1910
Title: Men and Women of America: A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries
Publisher: L. R. Hamersly & Company, New York
Entry title: Roy Dikeman Chapin
Quote Page 325


[Begin excerpt]
He was educated in the Lansing High School and the University of
Michigan, and he has been connected with the automobiles industry
almost since its inception.
[End excerpt]


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