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flam, n.

OED: 1796 Grose


1735, A Compleat System of Military Discipline by John Gittins, page 149:

Then the Mahor is to command the Drummers to beat three Flams or double
Strokes: At the first of which, the Men are to rest their Firelocks; at the
second, they are to poise; at the third, they are to shoulder.

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1743, A Treatise of Military Discipline by Humphrey Bland, page 15:

First, the Major is to direct the Orderly Drummer to beat a Ruff (one being
to attend for that Purpose) to give the Officers Notice. After that a Flam,
or double Stroke; at which the Lieutenant Colonel (unless he commands the
Regiment in the Absence of the Colonel) and the rest of the Officers, face
to the Right about on their left Heels. At the second Flam, they are to
advance their Half-pikes, and the Serjeants on the Flanks their Halbards.
At the third Flam, the Officers, Serjeants on the Flanks, the three
Divisions of Drummers, and the Hautboys, are all to march to their Posts
beginning with the left Feet.

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