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Sun May 31 23:59:16 UTC 2015

JL:  <<I wonder whether Charles F. Lummis was actually called Chas".>>
LH:  << pronounced /tSaez/, spelling pronunciation, orthographic
WB:  <Chas.> [chazz]: Have heard this on BBC videos; posh; note non-rhotic.
WB:  Influence of Welsh surnames with -s <son of>:  Jones, Davi(e)s,
Baines, Ellis, Evans, Lewis, Maddox, Morris, Owens, Rice, Price (ap-Rhys),
Charles > Chas. > [chazz], affiliates with the class of s-truncates.
If James > Jas. were to affiliate, then *[jazz]. Thos. *[toes], Jos. [Joe's]

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