[Ads-l] RES: crash blossom candidate

David Daniel dad at COARSECOURSES.COM
Fri Nov 13 01:49:52 UTC 2015

> "How Can the Justice Department Help CIA Torture Victims?"
> By giving them a battery and some jumper cables?

>But the intended meaning here is indeed "How can the DoJ assist the CIA =
in torturing victims?", not "How can the DoJ help the victims of CIA =
>So I don't think it's a crash blossom in the usual sense.  (Or maybe the =
dual reading was intended.)

No, no. The article says the ACLU wants the justice department to "do
nothing" and not invoke "national security" to thwart the lawsuits filed by
the tortured. The headline should have read, "How can the Justice Department
Help the Victims of CIA Torture."

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