[Ads-l] "dumpster diver" -- early, but is it an antedating?

Peter Morris peter_morris_1 at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Sun Nov 29 23:57:50 UTC 2015

Fred, I know how unreliable Google dating is. But did you follow my second link?

Searching the issue for '1985'  showed 3 out of 90 results. 


This is why I think it's an antedating:

The first is the issue's masthead, with a dating "winter into spring 1985" which sounds like early in the year.

The second is an advert accepting bookings for an event to take place on June 29th 1985.
Can we reasonably assume that publication was at least a few weeks pror to that?

The third is an article saying that someone has been working in a position since 1985.
That's a bit of a puzzler, but I suspect it's a typo. 

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