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Exactly what shape the 2009 UrbanDictionary "quote" was in wasn't clear to me.  Dustin's dad doesn't look like he works out, which his dream(s) seem to confirm.  I had not visualized the combination of ripped and beer belly ... and don't think I want to.

Apologies for failing memory and not searching the archives.  Neither is easy for me these days.


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On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 7:51 PM, Joel Berson wrote:
> ... must be quite common, but I'd not heard or seen it before until twice
> in the last two days. In print, in today's "Dustin" strip, on the sleeping
> dad's newspaper.
> Google Web about 647,000 hits. Earliest in UrbanDictionary 2015?
> Google Books is a mystery, but I think no hits. Further results I
> leave to those really interested.

Popularized online last spring, usu. as "dadbod" (noted by JL on the
list in May). Mark Peters called it a WOTY contender at the time...


Mark notes that UD takes it back to 2009.



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