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Wed May 11 16:10:43 EDT 2016

To push the idiom even further, this (from Scientific American, July 27, 1912, page 53) says that after choking your chicken, you can revive it by blowing it:

[Regarding the namesake of the annual Croonian lecture presented at the Royal Society in London]  "Croone it was who, in 1664, offered an experiment of choking a chicken and reviving it by blowing into the lungs with a quill. . . . at the appointed meeting, having choked the chicken with his finger in such manner that there appeared no signs of life, Croone put a slender glass pipe into the bird's throat, and blew air into it, whereupon, says the record, within a little time the chicken came to itself and lived again."

You can't write this stuff.

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