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I'm sure I don't know, but that World According to Carp (sic) cartoon was
making fun of liberals using the phrase as early as the 1980s. A guy had a
flat tire and was tossing bills at it. The caption made it explicit. The
collection is in a book that might be in my 77yo father's basement.
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> I have been observing a debate in a political arena in which a number of
> women are claiming that the street theater Billionaires for Bush act
> of throwing money cannot be used in the context of a women candidate.
> Specifically, several women on a political blog are saying that
> throwing dollars at people arriving at the George Clooney fundraiser for
> Hillary Clinton was doubly insulting because the expression
> had a primary association with throwing money at strippers. That wouldn't
> have been my first thought but I really don't know the origin
> of "throwing money at X." Anyone here know the origins of the terms? Any
> leads will be much appreciated.
> Gail Stygall
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