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The OED has as a verb only "Sc. Obs.  trans.", with two senses:  

a. To take or gather in. [no quotations]

b. To take by force of arms, capture.  [two quotations, last 1646]

For the noun, there's 1. a. The act of taking in or receiving from outside; that which is taken in, an amount or quantity received internally; with the latest quotation being:
1971   Nature 2 July 63/3   Thus there is the intake and evaluation in one computerized centre of duplicate magnetic tapes from many sources.

But this seems not yet added to the 7. attrib. and Comb. usage.


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 Subject: [ADS-L] intake/take in
Another one for the prepositional verb/backformation files . . .

One of my students is an "Intake Coordinator" and in writing about her 
work she writes:

"The more clients I intake, the more PSC’s we need to hire to mange 
those cases."

Not "take in".

My copy of MWC11 is old and doesn't show "intake" as a verb (though it's 
likely in MW3 and OED). Here it's most likely field-specific 
terminology, and that may be influencing the verbing.

---Amy West

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