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It's wonderful what a reading program can uncover, that database searches won't find.


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Triumphing over the OED again, because an entry drafted in 1891 isn't
up-to-date.  But it keeps me from getting into worse mischief.

Cloudscapes: A scene composed of clouds, whether actually or in a painting.

1868    Daily News 3 Sept.  Some of these cloud-scapes are extremely grand.
1880    Times 5 Oct. 6/6  In the various branches to which photography is
now [applied]..in portraiture, landscape, seascape, cloudscape.
1886    J. J. Hissey On Box Seat 186  Affording the most glorious
sea-scapes and cloud-scapes

I offer:

            A shower came on which help'd to moderate the great heat of the
weather -- before sun set it clear'd off & the clouds exhibited the most
beautiful colours, accompanied with a Rain-bow -- I took a walk along
Broadway and enjoy'd the delightful Cloudscape
            Anderson, Alexander.  Alexander Anderson's New York City
Diary, 1793 to 1799.  Jane E. Pomeroy, ed.  Oak Knoll Pr./American
Antiquarian Soc., 2014.  Vol. 2, p. 324, entry for May 8, 1795

I notice that there is a Wikipedia article on "Cloudscapes".

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