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> Jamaica shorts: OED has 1969

That's amazing! By 1949, I already knew the alleged difference between the
two styles of shorts: Jamaica shorts are shorter than Bermuda shorts. I've
never had a reason to verify this claim, so...


BTW, what about the Bermuda _skirt_? According to Google Images, this term
encompasses "numerous of" styles, these days. However, in the late '40's,
the Bermuda skirt was a kind of flared, prehistoric miniskirt that was so
short that its hem reached only to the top of the knee!!! In the era of the
New Look, this was *literally* a traffic-stopping display of femininity
bordering on public indecency - although the article of women's clothing
that, years later, came to be known as "short shorts" was totally
commonplace and perfectly all right, unlike the situation today.


Possibly as a consequence of this effect on the viewing public, the era of
the original Bermuda skirt was as short <har! har!> as the life of the

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