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According to the Italian Wikipedia, “chilometro zero” is an economic term referring to a type of commerce in which the product is sold in the same region as it is produced, essentially locavorism:

Il chilometro zero (anche chilometro utile, km zero o km 0) in economia è un tipo di commercio nel quale i prodotti vengono commercializzati e venduti nella stessa zona di produzione.

Ex.: The Kilometro Zero (http://www.tanjatikarli.com/1752777/kilometro-zero) is a Roman restaurant that offers a large range of zero-mile products.

1. The earliest English cite I find for this term on Google is December 13, 2002. Given that it is for a Venetian event, it seems likely to be a calque at that point:

Drops of Water 4

So, whenever possible, it is better to purchase “Zero Kilometer” products.This term means that fruit, vegetables, meat and other products are cultivated, sold and eaten in the same place or region.

2. Although there are a couple of hits from around 2010 on Google for “zero-mile products”, they are Google dated. The earliest with an internal date I see is 22 October 2014.

Milano is bio
Expo 2015


There might be earlier hits using the Indo-Arabic “0” or various abbreviations and spellings. I did not search very carefully on all the possible permutations.

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