[Ads-l] "VERB at straws"

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 21 22:38:30 EDT 2016

RH:  <<Shouldn't those pearls be clasped rather than clutched before
they're cast
before swine like us?  >>

WB:  But, to cast this in Vulgar terms, as Our Lord advised, << Ne mittate
margaritas vestras ante porcos! >>, i.e. "Don't hurl yer margaritas in
front of pigs!" Mais, ça va sans dire, hein?
     And so I take this opportunity to cohesively digress to the burning
question that has mouldered away in my breast for some time now:  Could
Québécois <hein?> be the source of Canadian English <eh?>?  Ah gotsta know.

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