[Ads-l] _Dipsticking_ aquifers from space

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Interesting find! Here are some citations.

1. 1946
http://bit.ly/2ATZK0i <http://bit.ly/2ATZK0i>
Aircraft, Volume 24
Royal Aeronautical Society Australian Division

Then the oil is dipsticked: there are 17 Imperial gallons in each DC3 engine, for example, and the refueled merely brings the contents up to the 17 gallons.

2. 1968 - Google-dated, snipped available only in search results
Executive Management's Food Processing-marketing, Volume 29
Putnam Publishing Company
http://bit.ly/2Arrb0m <http://bit.ly/2Arrb0m>

Formerly, wood tanks had to be "dipsticked" for inventory, and readings were often erroneous

3. 1982 - first hit to have the meaning of sampling - the date appears to be valid
Gas World, Volumes 187-188
Benn Brothers Limited
http://bit.ly/2AOeaP8 <http://bit.ly/2AOeaP8>

The campaign was pre-tested and then dipsticked in late August; I now await the results of the research to be carried out by the BGC itself

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> On 4 Dec 2017, at 11:06, Andy Bach <afbach at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> The headline only, so it appears to be the blog post's author Patrick
> Marshall coinage, or at least, new to me:
> https://gcn.com/blogs/emerging-tech/2017/12/satellite-aquifer-levels.aspx
> <https://gcn.com/blogs/emerging-tech/2017/12/satellite-aquifer-levels.aspx?s=gcntech_041217&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWXpjeFl6RTJZV0poWkdJdyIsInQiOiJMdEVQd0psWFEwZ0FiRE5mbnN1cW9RUHc2SVFnYjN1bkVPWWZ5ZWNHcEZ0OEt3Zzc2RTZDTDFBXC8zaEtxRjBCS3crTkpSNkxmdmhDSDhZUzBlMWZhZ1BlOUQ5c1wveFAxaUIweFE0dXZOUFo5ODBBcUgzdktNRFNaNmpqYndGcVZQIn0%3D>
> Researchers at the University of Buffalo have found a way to monitor
> groundwater by using satellites to measure the “breathing” of the earth as
> water is added to or drawn from underground aquifers.
> Apart from a couple of impolite definitions at the Urban Dictionary, I find
> it is often used for
> "taking random samples or randomly choosing people to question."
> http://normanteigen.blogspot.com/2007/11/what-is-dipsticking.html
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