[Ads-l] Motto: In God We Trust; All Others Cash

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Mon Dec 11 11:54:21 EST 2017

The motto in the subject line was mentioned on this mailing list by JL
back in 2011. It is listed in Fred's "The Yale Book of Quotations",
Mencken's "A New Dictionary of Quotations", Rees's "Brewer's Famous
Quotations", Popik's website, and many other compendiums.

The Quote Investigator website now has an article with an April 4,
1877 citation and a precursor citation on May 4, 1865.


[Begin acknowledgement excerpt]
Great thanks to Jonathan Lighter whose inquiry led QI to formulate
this question and perform this exploration. Lighter pointed to an
instance with the phrase “In God we trust – everybody else cash.”
Special thanks to Barry Popik and Fred R. Shapiro for their pioneering
research. Popik identified a precursor instance with “In God we trust.
Terms cash.” Also thanks to discussant Joel S. Berson.
[End acknowledgement excerpt]

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