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Dennis During dcduring at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 29 17:24:24 EST 2017

Much of the usage I found for 'efforted' on Google Books seemed to me to be
by authors to whom English was a second language.

My favorite source (containing 44 pages with 'efforted', some with multiple
instances) was this work:
The Management Opened Junior High School During The Nine Years Compulsory
[image: Front Cover]
Soetyono Iskandar

​I don't think it was Google translating an Indonesian work for my benefit,
but rather some "publisher" ("Author House") that posted an automatically
translated work online in 2014.

Century 1911 has an entry for transitive 'effort'​, with definition
"strengthen, reinforce" and traces the term to Medieval Latin 'effortiare'.

Dennis C. During

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