[Ads-l] Adage: The plural of anecdote is (not) data

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 30 11:54:04 EST 2017

The Quote Investigator website has two new antithetical entries about
sayings that were discussed on the ADS mailing list way back in 2004
(before my time).

The Plural of Anecdote is Data

The Plural of Anecdote Is Not Data

Here is the acknowledgement for the second entry. (The two
acknowledgements are similar.)

[Begin acknowledgement]
Great thanks to szescstopni, Joel S. Freund, Barry Ritholtz, and Carl
V. Phillips whose inquiries led QI to formulate this question and
perform this exploration. Additional thanks to Jeff Braemer who asked
about the positive version of the adage. Special thanks to Fred R.
Shapiro, Charles Clay Doyle, and Wolfgang Mieder for their pioneering
research. Also, thanks to discussants Barry Popik, Sam Clements, John
Baker, Aaron Dinkin, and Mark A. Mandel.
[Begin acknowledgement]

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