[Ads-l] "snow farm", not in OED; 1970--? Bostonism?

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> There are, of course, 'server farms' and 'cube farms' already, so it may
> well be on its way to productivity.

And "_tank_ farm" goes back to at least 1888:

Light, Heat, and Power - Volumes 4-5 - Page 137
1888 - ‚ÄéRead
To give an idea of the production of Wood County oil, we will state that
the Standard Oil Company now has forty-three 35,000-barrel oil tanks
completed in this county and is building others at the rate of two a week.
Seventy-five of these monster tanks will be located between Cygnet and Oil
Centre on what is known as the _Tank Farm_. And _every one_ of these _tanks
are_ full of oil, and as fast as new ones are completed they too are
filled, and even then only about one-quarter of the oil that can be
produced from the wells is taken.

Note also an early(?) instance of a verb that should be singular attracted
into the plural by the plural noun immediately preceding it.

FWIW, a location containing any number of tanks larger than one constitutes
a "tank farm" at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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