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Thu Feb 16 16:24:29 EST 2017

> As a result, I have bought Pogo by Walt Kelly: Through the Wild Blue
> Yonder.  The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips, volume 1.  The quotation is
> there, on p. 131, in a strip dated 6-24 [1950]  It's spoken by Porkypine.
> The strip began in May 1949, so there's only a narrow window for an earlier
> appearance.  

It first ran exclusively in the New York Star, from October 1948-January 1949, and before that in a variety of titles from Dell Comics. I _think_ the Star comics were reprinted in Fantagraphics' earlier attempt at reprinting Pogo, the 1992 "Pogo Vol. 1", but it's hard to tell without seeing it.

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