[Ads-l] Saying: Fascism will come disguised as anti-fascism

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I have seen it attributed to a 1933 interview of Long by Robert Cantwell.


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> Variants of the saying in the subject line have been ascribed to
> Winston Churchill and Huey Long. Here are some examples:
> The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists.
> If fascism ever came to this country it would be in the name of
> anti-fascism.
> I received a request on this topic, and there was a germane discussion
> thread back in 2012. The expression is highly variable, and it has
> been difficult for me to trace. The "Yale Book of Quotations" has a
> citation for Huey Long in 1944. Here is an instance in 1936.
> Date: February 22, 1936
> Newspaper: The Cincinnati Enquirer
> Newspaper Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
> Article: A "Lively Age" To Come? (Book Review of "In the second Year"
> by Storm Jameson)
> Author: J. F. McD.
> Quote Page 7, Column 1
> Database: Newspapers.com
> [Begin excerpt]
> Norman Thomas said recently in a speech made in Cincinnati "Fascism is
> coming in the United States most probably, but it will not come under
> that name." In this statement he was repeating the words of the late
> Huey Long, but Huey added: "Of course we'll have it. We'll have it
> under the guise of anti-fascism." If you have not been sufficiently
> disturbed by "It Can't Happen Here," read this new book of Storm
> Jameson's.
> [End excerpt]
> Early citations and pertinent information would be welcome.
> Garson
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