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James A. Landau JJJRLandau at NETSCAPE.COM
Sun Jan 22 20:18:00 EST 2017

I was listening to a radio show about football on 610 AM (I believe the 
call letters are WTEL) from Philadelphia this afternoon.  The show kept 
identifying itself as "ESPN radio" and if it gave call letters I did not 
catch them (I was driving in the rain and had poor AM reception on my 
car radio).  There were at least two men and one woman talking; if I 
heard correctly one of them was named "Doug Brown".  I do not know if 
the show originated in Philadelphia or was originated by ESPN for 
national distribution.

Several times the announcers referred to a football fifty-plus yard 
field goal as a "fiftyburger".  I think there was also a reference to a 

This is a new term to me.  Is anyone else familiar with it?

 - Jim Landau 

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