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A fresh sheet is a list (such as on a piece of paper) of fresh food products, particularly of produce produced by a farmer.

Neither Wiktionary nor the online Oxford Dictionaries have such a meaning for “sheet” or an entry for “fresh sheet.”

1. Microgreens Farmer has a video titled "Microgreens fresh sheet for selling to chefs" about a fresh sheet:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDfM-ZL0y1M <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDfM-ZL0y1M> 

2. The Nightlight Farm fresh sheet:
http://www.nightlightfarm.org/order.html <http://www.nightlightfarm.org/order.html> 

3. The Two Roots Farm fresh sheet:
https://www.tworootsfarm.com/weekly-fresh-sheet/ <https://www.tworootsfarm.com/weekly-fresh-sheet/> 

This is also used by extension by restaurants and others as a listing of fresh products. (It is possible that the restaurant usage came first.)

4. The Fairwood Farmers’ Market fresh sheet:
http://www.fairwoodfarmersmarket.org/in-the-news/2016/8/22/august-23-weekly-fresh-sheet <http://www.fairwoodfarmersmarket.org/in-the-news/2016/8/22/august-23-weekly-fresh-sheet> 

5. A sample fresh sheet for a restaurant: 
https://www.musthavemenus.com/wordtemplate/fresh-sheet-menu.html <https://www.musthavemenus.com/wordtemplate/fresh-sheet-menu.html> 

6. Rosie’s House’s fresh sheet:
http://www.rosieshouse.ca/menu/ <http://www.rosieshouse.ca/menu/> 

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