[Ads-l] Miami AAVE?

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Thu Mar 2 21:54:15 EST 2017

i've written twice now about the movie "Moonlight", most recently


after this posting, friends in Miami have asked me about the AAVE of the city, which figures prominently in the movie. i have sources on the cuban english of the city, but not on AAVE.

Barry Jekins, the director, maintains that there's no code-switching in the movie, and i'm sure that's right -- no switching between AAVE and something close to SE -- but i'm also sure (from having watched the movie twice) that there's style shifting within AAVE (there's style shifting pretty much everywhere), but i'm very far from an expert here, so i'd like to know if there's any literature on variation in the city (in Liberty City, Overtown, and surrounding neighborhoods).  or if anyone on the list knows something about it.

Jenkins seems to be convinced that Miami AAVE is all the same, and all different from surrounding varieties. not an uncommon belief, but almost surely wrong in detail.

i don't have anything riding on this, just trying to get some information, but i certainly heard style shifting in the movie.


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