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"The light-skinned Kevin has nicknamed Chiron Black, and he asks why,
wondering if it’s a put-down. Kevin, who is more comfortable in his own
body, says that it’s because Chiron is black; to him, it’s not an insult."

Kevin should have nicknamed him "African-American" because Chiron is
African-American! It would have been good for a laugh. <har! har!>

Back in StL, I had a friend - originally from Cincinnata - who customarily
addressed friends with,

"What’s happening, blacker-than-me?"

whether the friend was or not. Either way, it was always good for a laugh.

I wonder whether there’s a connection between the character’s name and the
name of the famous Centaur, Chiron. Or is the character’s name pronounced


On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Arnold M. Zwicky <zwicky at stanford.edu>

> i've written twice now about the movie "Moonlight", most recently
> https://arnoldzwicky.org/2017/02/27/ck-basks-in-moonlight/
> after this posting, friends in Miami have asked me about the AAVE of the
> city, which figures prominently in the movie. i have sources on the cuban
> english of the city, but not on AAVE.
> Barry Jekins, the director, maintains that there's no code-switching in
> the movie, and i'm sure that's right -- no switching between AAVE and
> something close to SE -- but i'm also sure (from having watched the movie
> twice) that there's style shifting within AAVE (there's style shifting
> pretty much everywhere), but i'm very far from an expert here, so i'd like
> to know if there's any literature on variation in the city (in Liberty
> City, Overtown, and surrounding neighborhoods).  or if anyone on the list
> knows something about it.
> Jenkins seems to be convinced that Miami AAVE is all the same, and all
> different from surrounding varieties. not an uncommon belief, but almost
> surely wrong in detail.
> i don't have anything riding on this, just trying to get some information,
> but i certainly heard style shifting in the movie.
> arnold
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