[Ads-l] Quote: My cousin Francis and I are perfectly agreed on the subject of Milan; he wants it for himself and so do I

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Charles V of Spain and Francis (Francois) I of France fought for the
control of Milan in the 1520s and 1530s. A professor asked me to
attempt to trace an interesting quotation about this rivalry that has
been attributed to Charles V.

The 1853 citation given below is a few centuries too late. Of course,
early instances might be in Spanish, French, or some other language. I
tried some queries in the Early English Books Online database but
found nothing germane. A list member might do better. Are there other
pertinent databases?

Date: July 1, 1853
Periodical: The Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review
Volume 60, Number 117
Article: Sects and Secular Education (Review of five books)
Start Page 112, Quote Page 113
Publisher: John Chapman, London


[Begin excerpt]
"My cousin Francis and I," said the emperor Charles V., "are perfectly
agreed on the subject of Milan; he wants it for himself and so do I."
The question of leaving Milan alone was not on the tapis. Sooner
should the whole territory be ravaged with fire and sword, and sooner
should the throat of every Milanese be cut, than Charles give way to
Francis, or Francis to Charles.
[End excerpt]

Year: 1866
Title: Letters on England
Author: Louis Blanc
Translator: James Hutton (Translated from French to English)
Volume 1 of 2
Letter LV: National Education in England
Date on Letter: March 2nd 1862
Start Page 296, Quote Page 296 and 297
Publisher: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, London


[Begin excerpt]
As the Westminster Review very wittily and appropriately reminded us
the other day, the Emperor Charles-Quint was accustomed to say, in
speaking of Milan, "My cousin Francis I. and myself understand each
other perfectly with regard to Milan; he wants to have it, and so do
I." This is exactly what is said by every sect on the subject of the
education of children. If Milan perish, Charles Quint will console
himself, provided Milan do not belong to Francis I.
[End excerpt]


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