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Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton3 at VIRGINMEDIA.COM
Sun Mar 19 17:52:36 EDT 2017

Case in point, from a CNBC on-line piece on the Turnip's (still) declining
approval ratings:

                 "Though, many don't expect to see tax reform until next year."

Hwæt, anyone?

I suppose I should add a caveat to the Hwæt Replacement Table, insofar as "Hwæt"
represents a simple "Listen up!", while a trailing "However" or "(Al)Though"
suggest a qualification in what is to follow, in contrast to "Also" and "As
well", which point to additional material.

Or something ...


>     On 19 March 2017 at 21:08 Robin Hamilton <robin.hamilton3 at VIRGINMEDIA.COM>
> wrote:
>     I miss the Old English "Hwæt".
>     Sentences beginning, "Also, ...", "As well, ...", "However, ..." -- I'm
> sure the
>     list could be extended -- have an introduction which decodes simply as a
> signal
>     to indicate that attention should be paid to what follows. And could as
> easily,
>     and perhaps better, have the introductory word or phrase replaced by
> "Hwæt".
>     R.

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