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I bow to Wilson's recollection here--I don't have the time at the moment to investigate, but I suspect that the UNIX use comes originally from the submariner's use, which is probably onomatopoetic.

I did just check the OED, which doesn't have that sense (although it does have the sense of 'the sound of a piston misfiring').


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> I assume the etymology is from the old UNIX command, which puts it back i=
> the pleistocene era (in computer years).

No doubt, but non-techies like me are most familiar with the term from
"piniging" our ISP=E2=80=99s as part of a speed-check. There. I=E2=80=99ve =
just pinged my
ISP - a local, semi-buttocked operation call "PennTeleData - and the
response has taken 0.19 sec.

FWIW, I connect this political kind of "ping" with using sonar to ping the
potential target of a submarine in order to determine its position, so as
to know how a spread of torpedoes needs to be aimed in order to hit that
target, hence, metaphorically, to use sonar to determine the direction in
which a politician needs to aim his rhetoric in order to hit his target

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