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This sense does not seem to be in the OED.

Valerie An Worwood.  _The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,
Revised and Expanded_ Novato, CA: New World Library 2016  p. 450 col 2
"Accord is the perfumer's word for a perfume formulation that can be incorporated
into any perfume calling for a particular note."

D. H. Pybus, C. S. Sell (editors) _The Chemistry of Frangrances_  Cambridge, UK:
The Royal Society of Chemistry p. xiv
"Accord.  A blend of perfume ingredients balanced in odour intensity and having 
a pleasing effect."

_Out_ Oct 2004 p 64 col 1
"That essence, or 'accord,' is now labeled 'Eden's Mist.'"
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