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> <clique> [click], not [kleek]

_Clique_ has been pronounced "click" as long as I've been living. Among
some sections of society, "clique" seems to have fallen out of use, to the
extent that, in even the NYT, in an article on street-gangs, which are -
and have been, at least since the '40's, divided into cliques; when I was
in grade school and in high school, the various subsets of students were
referred to as "cliques" - the author wrote that the gangs were divided
into "clicks," presumably because he was under the impression that _clique_
was pronounced "cleek" and not "click."

In MW online,


"click" is the preferred pronunciation and "cleek" is second. But that
"cleek" is a recognized pronunciation at all suggests to me that the
standard United States-English pronunciation is on the way out, especially
since, according to Wikipedia, this is the only English-speaking country
that uses "click."


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