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Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 31 02:11:40 EDT 2017

Synchronicity strikes! Immediately after posting about the Robert Panara
commemorative stamp, I saw this:

*American Sign Language Video Series*
> Right now, I'm in the midst of filming a unique and really exciting
> "triple storytelling" video project:  I'm collaborating with five Deaf
> actors on a series of 25 music videos.  As a Hearing person, I usually only
> get to experience American Sign Language (ASL) when someone is using it to
> directly translate English... but it's actually a very different language
> when spoken by lifelong Deaf people.  Thurga, Lisa, Mana, Sage, and Tamyka
> are all Deaf storytellers; they're not translating my poetry, but instead
> telling the same story their own way.  So really, each "triple
> storytelling" video will concurrently feature: 1) written English (my
> lyrics appearing on screen), 2) sung English (my song recording), and 3)
> the story retold in American Sign Language (ASL).  I'm loving this
> project!!  I'm learning so much about the vibrant culture of Deaf people,
> and making some amazing new friends in the process.  I'll be releasing the
> series this summer. :)

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