[Ads-l] "muggles" = marijuana (1922)

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"muggle(s)" = 'marijuana (cigarette)' (OED3 1926)

Times-Picayune (New Orleans, La.), Feb. 18, 1922, p. 20, col. 1
Passage of a drastic law to curb the constantly growing practice of selling
and smoking marijuana, also known as muggles, will be sought at the next
session of the Legislature, Dr. Oscar Dowling, president of the State Board
of Health, said Friday.

New Orleans Item, May 29, 1922, p. 18, col. 6 (Genealogybank)
The spreading menace of marihuana, otherwise known as "muggles," "Mary
Warner," or cannibus [sic] indica, among youth of the state is causing
agitation for a state law to penalize peddling of the drug.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans, La.), May 29, 1922, p. 20, col. 3
Detective Paul R. Maureau testified that the boy, 14 years old, was the
member of a gang that was accustomed to smoke "mirauana" or "muggles"
cigarettes, which are supposed to produce recklessness unrivalled by other


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